ECCL has forged a partnership with the Boston Children's Museum. We have set up a Play Lab on site, which features testing rooms for looking time studies with infants and for free-play exploration studies with young children. The PlayLab will also feature exhibit materials on infant and early childhood cognition. Since opening in 2008, we have tested over 18,000 children in PlayLab!

Contact us for details on how you can participate.

Visit the Boston Children's Museum website:

Parent and Researcher Collaborative (PARC)

Your family can help science from home! Our online research studies are from universities across the world. There are a wide variety of study topics, and opportunities for nearly any child. Our research is fun for parents, and serious for science.

Visit the website here:

Lookit: Online Developmental Lab

Bring science home! Visit Lookit to participate online anytime! Would your baby or young child like to participate in a research study by playing a fun game at home? Lookit is the Early Childhood Cognition Lab's new online laboratory. You can participate wherever and whenever it's convenient. Find studies for children ages 3 months to 5 years with a few mouse clicks. During 10-minute activities, children watch video clips or listen to stories and answer questions.

Visit the Lookit website:

Center for Brains, Minds, and Machines