August 2020: Here's a video of Meg Rosenburg, from the Museum of Science, describing our Children Helping science site

May 2020: We're thrilled to be launching the new Parent Researcher Collaborative platform

April 2020: New Research opportunity for high schoolers! Accepting applications from now until June 1st! Application details here

December 2019: The lab goes candlepin bowling!

April 2019: Bring Zenna to Work Day!

July 2018: Lab members meeting old and new friends at annual CogSci conference!

June 2018: Welcome to new Lab Manager, Regina Ebo!

April 2018: Julia Leonard successfully defended her thesis "Social influences on children's learning" Congratulations, Dr. Leonard!

April 2018: Rachel Magid successfully defended her thesis "Young children's reasoning about their own and others' cognition" Congratulations, Dr. Magid!

April 2018: Yang Wu successfully defended her thesis "Emotion as information: Inferring the unobserved causes of others' emotional expressions" Congratulations, Dr. Wu!

November 2017: Our whole lab accidentally wears purple!

September 2017: Kim Scott successfully defended her thesis "Online data collection for developmental research" Congratulations, Dr. Scott!

September 2017: Julia Leonard's study was featured by the MIT News Office and published in Science Magazine (see Papers page for link to full text).

September 2017: Welcome to a new graduate student joining the lab, Junyi Chu!

October 2016: Welcome to a new furry member of the lab, Kokanee!

September 2016: Welcome to a new graduate student joining the lab, Maddie Pelz!

June 2016: Welcome to new lab manager, Kary Richardson!

March 2016: Julian Jara-Ettinger successfully defended his thesis "The inner life of goals: costs, rewards, and commonsense psychology." Congratulations, Dr. Ettinger!

June 2015: Click here to watch Laura's TED talk

June 2015: Former postdoc Paul Muentener and his wife Sharon are thrilled to announce the birth of their second daughter Madeleine! Paul is now an Assistant Professor at Tufts University

May 2015: Graduate student Rachel Magid has won an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship to study children's representations of the self. Congratulations, Rachel!

May 2015: The Early Childhood Cognition lab visits Plum Island for a retreat, stopping at a local animal farm!

April 2015: Melissa Kline successfully defended her thesis "Who did what to whom: Developmental perspectives on the meaning and communication of transitive events" Congratulations, Dr. Kline!

September 2014: Welcome to a new graduate student joining the lab, Rachel Magid!

June 2014: Hyowon Gweon's Omission study was featured in LA Times: Science Now

May 2014: Graduate student Julia Leonard has won an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship to study the impact of socioeconomic status on neural and cognitive development. Congratulations, Julia!

June 2014: Laura's Distinguished Scientific Award for an Early Career Contribution to Psychology

August 2013: Fifteen undergratudates participated in research in the ECCL from June-August. Their three months of hard work culminated in lab meeting presentations and a poster session.

March 2013: Laura Schulz was chosen as a 2013 MacVicar Fellow. This award recognizes MIT professors who have made outstanding contributions to undergraduate teaching. Read about Laura and the other three recipients in the MIT News and The Tech.

February 2013: Laura's research and path to MIT are discussed in this MIT News article.

December 2012: Laura Schulz and members of the lab visited the Boston Children's Museum for a celebration of the museum's 100th anniversary and the ongoing collaboration with the ECCL lab.

December 2012: Students in Laura's Infant & Child Cognition undergraduate course present conference-style posters based on famous papers in cognitive development.

September 2012: Graduate student Melissa Kline (co-advised by Ted Gibson) has won an NSF dissertation grant to study verb learning with causal events.

September 2012: Welcome to three graduate students Pedro Tsividis, Yang Wu, and Hilary Richardson to the lab!

June 2012: Hyowon Gweon successfully defended her thesis "Learning in the Social Context: Inferences, Exploration, and Evaluation." Congratulations, Dr. Hyo!

May 2012: Postdoc Paul Muentener and his wife Sharon are thrilled to announce the birth of their daughter Amelia!

2012: Laura Schulz received a Troland Research Award from the National Academy of Sciences! The Troland Award is given to investigators "to recognize unusual achievement and further empirical research in psychology regarding the relationships of consciousness and the physical world."

September 2011: Welcome to two new graduate students joining the lab, Kim Scott and Julian Jara-Ettinger!

July 2011: Claire Cook's Snapbeads study was covered by Nature News.

June 2011: Liz Bonawitz's NovelToy was featured by the MIT News Office.

June 2011: Hyowon Gweon's study was featured by the MIT News Office and The Boston Globe . Hyo and Laura's paper on the project, 16-month-olds infer the cause of failed actions, is the lab's first publication in Science Magazine (see Publications page for link to full text).

March 2011: Hyo's sampling study featured in a front-page story and online infographic by The Boston Globe.

March 2011: Laura, Liz Bonawitz, and Noveltoy featured in Alison Gopnik's piece in Slate Magazine.

December 2010: Laura (two to the right of Pres. Obama) honored at the White House as a recipient of the 2010 Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE).

Fall 2009: Welcome to a new graduate student joining the lab, Melissa Kline!

Fall 2007: Welcome to a new graduate student joining the lab, Hyowon Gweon!